“Professor Roberts has worked tirelessly to ensure that our online experience has been immersive and rewarding.  The online summer session was intensive and featured an in-depth look at current examples of organizational leadership, as well as lectures from guests who otherwise would be unable to come in person.”

-Maxwell Stwertka

“The Music Leadership program at the Eastman School of Music offers students and young professionals the opportunity to master the skills necessary to thrive in the performing arts while gaining valuable experience.  Eastman is leading the field as a model for what engaging and rigorous online-education can look like.  The Music Leadership program is committed to exceptional teaching, producing polished and relevant content, and helping students succeed.  Eastman made the online-learning environment inviting and challenging while minimizing the barriers that technology could have created.  The merits of the Music Leadership program abound but the quality of the delivery, instruction, and content are what separate Eastman from its peer institutions.”

-Zeke Fetrow

“The online Music Leadership courses are engaging and filled with wonderful information! The instructors are eager to create a collaborative learning environment within the online structure. The instructors do not shy away from a rigorous course schedule, but the information is all very organized and the students are given all of the tools needed to succeed in the online environment.” 

-Sarah Bertrand

“The Music Admin & Governance experience online was full of stimulating readings, exciting project work, and meaningful collaboration. In the online format, we had the opportunity to get thoughtful written feedback on our projects not only from the teacher, but from peers as well. In contrast to the usual verbal feedback at the end of a live presentation, these comments were able to shape my work and make it stronger thanks to the multiple perspectives of classmates!”

-Eli Campbell