Eastman Leadership Conference


Participants from around the country gathered for the Eastman Leadership Conference on June 21 – 24, 2017.

What an exceptional group of leaders! Outstanding presentations, interactive work sessions, conversations, and social events highlighted this conference that is dedicated to the professional development of music school leaders. The collaborative and personal experience of the ELC will continue for these participants as part of an online learning cohort, providing resources, discussion, mentoring and networking over the course of the next year.

Read what participants had to say about their experience:

“Regardless of one’s administrative background or future path, this conference speaks to what is needed currently, and in the future, to be an effective leader in music administration.”

“The ELC was the most informative, engaging, encouraging, and fun leadership conference I have ever attended. The topics were 100% applicable and the presenters were second to none. This workshop is required for anyone who desires to excel in music leadership.”

“This conference afforded me the ability to analyze what I already do in the context of learning more/better strategies as I develop my abilities as a leader.”

“A great mix of the practical and the visionary”


“I often hear university colleagues, across disciplines, comment on how academia does not do enough to develop its future leaders. Eastman is working very effectively to fill this void, and the Eastman Music Leadership Conference is a good investment for universities and individuals who wish to address this common concern.”