2018 Conference Program


Wednesday, June 20 2018

Conference begins at 2:30PM

Keynote Address: Challenge, Opportunities, and Beautiful Music

Jamal Rossi
Addressing challenges and embracing opportunities are inevitable responsibilities of leadership. This session will consider how leaders can prepare to engage in foreseeable situations, as well as those that are unanticipated.

The Administration/Faculty Relationship

Donna Brink Fox
How does the effective music school leader engage faculty in transformative change at their institution?

Thursday, June 21 2018

Best Practices for Effective Leadership

Mary Ellen Poole
What defines a great leader? This session will explore the essential leadership traits, skills and attitudes that are necessary in music school administration.

Recruitment and Enrollment: Identifying and Addressing Special Issues for Music Schools

Matthew Ardizzone
What are the unique issues that face admissions directors and enrollment managers at music schools in the 21st Century?

How to Raise More Money Than the Business School: Targeted Steps to Accelerate Fundraising for Schools of Music

Cathy Hain
What are the essential elements of a music school advancement program? What five steps can you take to grow your advancement results?

Friday, June 22 2018

Identity, Brand, and Advocacy

Robert Cutietta
What is the role of the music school in the 21st Century? Further, what is the identity and brand of your specific institution? This session will explore the importance of a music school’s cultural identity and how the effective music school leader can promote his/her institution.

Essentials of Financial Management

Michele Gibson
What are the factors that drive the music school budget process? What are strategies for understanding, and managing the music school budget?

Career Advancement in Music School Administration

Tayloe Harding
Components and strategies for advancing your administrative career in schools of music and universities.

Saturday, June 23 2018

Vision and Strategic Planning: Transforming Dreams into Reality

Jamal Rossi
This session will consider how to advance ideas into action, and transforming institutional visions into strategic plans that are focused on achieving goals

Panel Discussion

Jamal Rossi, Mary Ellen Poole, Robert Cutietta
With over 75 years of combined experience in innovative music school leadership and administration, our panel of music school deans offers important insight into the world of music school leadership.