“Anywhere you are in your career, the Eastman Leadership Academy is the place to explore career skills, foster new connections, rethink your engagement in your communities, and clarify your vision.”

Tanya Chanphanitpornkit, ELA 2021

“The Eastman Leadership Academy was as perfect introductory and absorbing experience into the world of Leadership within the Arts. The session speakers were incredibly giving and friendly to each of us and I loved how each topic was focused and presented in a way that recognized us all as musicians/artists first and foremost. The experience as a whole was validating, exciting, and inspiring. I cannot wait to continue this journey that ELA has started for me.”

Becca Clarke, ELA 2021

“The academy unexpectedly helped my practice and performance skills too; it made me reassess how to practice and perform with the purpose of serving our community, in addition to being a musical leader in our community.”

Garrett Snedeker, ELA 2019