Eastman / ArtistShare® Launchpad by ArtistShare®

Who may apply?

Current Eastman students who are enrolled full-time in an Eastman degree program, and Eastman alumni may apply.

How many Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project participants will be chosen?

We expect to choose five student and five alumni winners annually.

What does it mean for me to be selected an The Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project Participant?

Your project will be prominently featured on the Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad page and will receive the endorsement of the Eastman School of Music (update this link once ESM page is created).

What benefits will The Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project participant receive?

Promotion and support of their creative projects through the network of Launchpad fans and through Eastman’s publications and website.

  • When the project reaches its target, Launchpad will pay 1% of the total contributions collected back to your project because of your endorsement by Eastman.

What responsibilities will The Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project Participant have?

  • Create and launch your project within the proposed timeline on the The Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project
  • Acknowledge Eastman on all project publications (language provided)
  • Provide an article/summary of your Eastman/ArtistShare® project at its conclusion for publication on the Eastman website or other Eastman publication

What is a “Project”?

Any creative endeavor where there is a clear end result and a creative process that can be followed by fans. The qualities and indicators of success we look for in a project are:

  • Musical excellence (all genres welcome)
  • An inspired project concept/artistic mission
  • Potential storylines for fan-engagement that could be drawn from the concept
  • The style, effort and modes of fan interaction employed currently by the artist

Please visit the Projects on the Launchpad website to explore current projects.

What are the steps in developing and launching a Project?

  1. Selected artists will receive a code to allow their project to be launched on the The Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project
  2. You will create and launch your project using the Launchpad Creator’s Starting Guide
  3. A dedicated Launchpad project manager will review your project and make recommendations prior to launch.

What resources are provided to me as part of my award as I develop my project?

  • Placement on the The Eastman/ArtistShare® Launchpad Featured Project page
  • Launchpad Creator’s Starting Guide and review by a dedicated Launchpad Project Manager

What other services may I purchase?

What is the project timeline?

From 7 to 60 days