Mocrep (Deidre Huckabay)

During the 2018–19 season, Mocrep initiates a multi-year collaboration with composer Sam Scranton. Currently a doctoral candidate at Northwestern University School of Music, Scranton collaborates with Mocrep on his dissertation project, THE HEALTH, set to premiere during the 2020–21 academic year. THE HEALTH is an hours-long work grounded in theories of healing vibration. Drawing on science, pseudo-science, acoustics, astrology, and defunct technology, THE HEALTHis scored for 11 performers, found percussion, homemade instruments, low-tech robots, and electronics.
The performance-installation is immersive—participating audience members experience THE HEALTHover the course of several hours by moving through a warehouse or similar open space, actively determining a path through the performance while passively absorbing its sonic benefits.

Fifth House Ensemble (Melissa Ngan)

"5HE presents Rivers Empyrean, featuring a newly-commissioned work of the same name for 5HE’s full ensemble by ASCAP Morton Gould Award-winning composer Patrick O’Malley, to be premiered as part of a 2-year partnership between 5HE and Friends of the Chicago River (FCR). The only organization solely dedicated to the Chicago River, FCR’s mission is to improve and protect the Chicago River system through education and outreach programs that foster awareness, involvement, and a stewardship ethic; public policy and planning efforts; and on-the-ground projects that physically improve the river."
"Rivers Empyrean celebrates the Chicago river system, using ecological data, field recordings, and information on the river’s ecosystem (flora/fauna, wildlife habitat) provided by FCR as source material. Rivers Empyrean also fosters public engagement in FCR’s conservation work, serving as a new creative means of expressing and communicating river data and wildlife sounds. Patrick’s music is often influenced by nature and landscapes, making him a natural choice for this collaboration."
"Rivers Empyrean will be programmed alongside pieces by Mason Bates, John Luther Adams and Dan Visconti in two performances at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium and Garfield Park Conservatory."


Knoxville Concert Series: Nief-Norf's First Year-Round Concert Series

Transient Canvas

Exposure: a 1-hour Chamber Opera Adaptation of Thomas Hardy's "The Well-Beloved"

New World Symphony

Face Off: A Battle of the Instruments

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

All Around Us: Developing a 3-D Soundscape Concert Experience
"With the All Around Us Project, the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble plans to develop an entirely new form of expression. Composer Steven Bryant and PNME co-creators Kevin Noe and Kieren MacMillan will continue the research and development phase with the end goal to create an evening-length, theatrical and musical story that experiments with binaural technology (a three-dimensional soundscape with audience in headphones). Future commissions will make a specific theatre space obsolete with audiences free to walk around the artists. This project is not only about experimenting with location of sound, but also about using the proximity as a fundamental tool of expression for storytelling. Technology is changing the world and PNME wants to take advantage of this precise moment in time and create a new genre that can deeply connect with audiences our era."

Megan Steigerwald Ille

Hipster Opera: Research on the Industry
"How do new models of operatic production, including digital mediation and site-specificity change the way opera is funded, attended, and perceived in the twenty-first century United States? My research explores how contemporary performances of experimental operas draw in new audiences by reconstructing the institutional narrative around the genre of opera and its intended audiences. Although previous scholarship by Ryan Ebright and Sasha Metcalf significantly recognizes innovative models and atypical funding structures under which twenty-first century opera is produced, there remains significant work to be done with regards to the implications of these new models of production on performers and audiences alike."

Daniel Kuehler

Rebuild Wine Country Fundraiser Concert Series

Katheryn Brown

Providing Multiple Points of Access

Mivos Quartet

Mivos Quartet 10th Anniversary Festival