Caitleen Kahn

Caitleen Kahn ’15E (MM) co-founded LYNX with Eastman alumni Megan Moore ‘15E, Steven Humes ‘15E (MM), and Florence Mak ‘17E (DMA) in 2015. LYNX amplifies diverse voices through newly commissioned song and links communities through inclusive concerts and educational programming. Their project will be a professional recording and distribution of their Autism Advocacy Series. For the past three years, the Autism Advocacy Series has taken words written by youth ages 8-20 who have autism and are primarily nonverbal, and commissioned composers to set them to music for voice and piano. “We are most excited about the opportunity to share widely the artistry of up-and-coming artists and composers, and advocate for the abilities of these amazing young writers who are primarily nonspeaking, seeing them by their abilities, rather than their disabilities.” says Caitleen.

Charlie Halloran

Charlie Halloran’s ’08E (MM/JCM), album “7 Nights Aboard the Alcoa Clipper”, will recreate the sound of the house band on the Alcoa Cruise Line in 1955. A leading trombonist and band leader in New Orleans, Halloran comments: “The 1950s was an exceptionally fruitful period of American music, especially that based in New Orleans and parts of the Caribbean. Louis Armstrong and the Allstars toured extensively, and Harry Belafonte was one of the biggest stars in the US, covering traditional calypsos from Trinidad. I’ve always heard how these genres overlap and this is the album I want to make as an Eastman/ArtistShare New Artist.”

fivebyfive (Eric Polenik)

fivebyfive, a non-traditional, artist-run quintet of flute, clarinet, electric guitar, bass, and piano, commissioned four established and emerging composers to create new works engaging with and inspired by the lush, rich colors and patterns found in the stained glass work of Judith Schaechter for a multi-project venture titled “Glass Works”. In the first project of this venture fivebyfive and the Memorial Art Gallery will host each composer for an innovative “Meet the Composer” Open Rehearsal-Concert among the artwork.
Judith Schaechter has explored and pushed the limits of the stained-glass medium for over 35 years. Her singular, subversive, and masterful approach has altered the landscape of contemporary American art. fivebyfive will work with composers Edie Hill, Jung Sun Kang, Andrea Mazzariello, and Jonathan Russell who will each write four different works using Judith Schaechter’s “The Battle of Carnival and Lent” as inspiration. fivebyfive believes that connecting the collaborative spirit of modern chamber music with the work of Judith Schaechter provides an atmosphere that encourages one to be deeply immersed in an enhanced sensory experience, engaging audiences in creative and wonderfully unexpected ways.
Scheduled September 15, 2019 for Jonathan Russell, October 27 for Edie Hill, November 10 for Jung Sun Kang and December 8 for Andrea Mazzariello, these intimate performances will allow audiences to see a piece of music in progress and to interact with the composers as changes are being made in real time. Audience members will get to converse one on one with the composers and performers offering questions and reactions. Not only are these new Open Rehearsal-Concerts designed for engaging educational performances, but also they will be an integral part of fivebyfive’s overall marketing strategy.

Daniel Ketter and Emlyn Johnson

Music in the American Wild, directed by Emlyn Johnson (Eastman BM ’08, DMA ’15) and Daniel Ketter (Eastman BM ’10, DMA ‘17), is an artist-run performing ensemble dedicated to community-oriented new music. The innovation of Music in the American Wild’s mission is that it serves a specified community with new music, seeking to celebrate the identity of the community in its own shared spaces.
In February 2020, the next chapter of the ensemble’s Music in the American Wild initiative will bring awareness to endangered Hawaiian flora and fauna through the innovative approach of performing new compositions by Hawaii resident composers alongside commentary by scientists and researchers. AWE will also commission Tonia Ko, Michael-Thomas Foumai, and Byron Yasui to write pieces inspired by Hawaiian wildlife, environments and traditions. AWE will premiere these works on a Hawaii tour with a twofold mission: raising awareness of endemic wildlife and conservation efforts, and sharing a high-quality musical experience with audiences.

Owen Broder

Rochester, N.Y.—The University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music and ArtistShare® have announced that Eastman alumnus, saxophonist/composer Owen Broder, has been selected as the first Eastman/ArtistShare New Artist. Broder’s Heritage: American Roots Project is the first of three projects to be announced through the exclusive partnership of Eastman and ArtistShare, designed to recognize and support the career and artistic development of exceptional Eastman students and alumni.

Broder’s American Roots Project integrates two American traditions – American roots music and jazz – in a full-length album titled Heritage. The repertoire will feature original and re-imagined works by five of the leading arrangers/composers in contemporary improvised music, including Bill Holman, Jim McNeely, Ryan Truesdell, Miho Mazama, and Broder. Each of the eight new compositions will be inspired by the rich heritage of traditional folk music that is distinctly American, crossing numerous forms (bluegrass, gospel, blues, and others).

Two additional Eastman/ArtistShare artist projects will be launched over the coming weeks, including Music in the American Wild (Daniel Ketter and Emlyn Johnson) and hybrid: electro-acoustic experience (Cameron Leach).

For more information contact Jim Doser, Director, Institute for Music Leadership, Eastman School of Music at; (585) 274-1470.

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