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Reaching Beyond the Academy: A Podcast Workshop Series Sponsored by the Central New York Humanities Corridor from an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Over the past few years, interest in the public humanities has grown considerably as scholars have begun to recognize the importance of broadcasting academic research more widely. This workshop series focuses on the medium of the podcast for reaching beyond the academy and making humanities research accessible to the general community. Our workshop leaders will explore various facets of creating a podcast and discuss the unique challenges of disseminating research to public audiences. Each event will focus on different elements of podcast creation, including sound design, interviewing practices for audio formats, how to structure a podcast narrative, editing techniques, and more. All workshops will be open to the public.

Podcasting about Music: In summer 2020, the musicologist William Robin (University of Maryland) and composer D. Edward Davis (University of New Haven) launched the podcast Sound Expertise, which centers on longform interviews with music scholars about their research and why it matters. With a second season of Sound Expertise set to launch in March 2021, Will (host) and Eddie (producer) will address how they developed the format of their podcast, what goes into making a typical episode, and how they have successfully reached a broad audience. They will also discuss podcasting more broadly, both in terms of editing and hosting logistics and larger philosophical questions of what a podcast can achieve for music scholarship.

This program introduces and/or helps students begin to develop the following College Competencies: Career Design & Management Learn more about the College Competencies at https://www.rochester.edu/college/academics/competencies.html

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