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Eric Hung, the executive director and co-founder of the Music of Asian America Research Center, will discuss a forthcoming podcast series, Who’s an Immigrant?, that he is producing for the organization. The goal of the series is to use music to open difficult conversations about immigration. In particular, the series complicates metanarratives about immigration that focus on choice, assimilation, and the notion of Asians as “model minorities.”

The six episodes focus on immigration before naturalization was possible for Asians, transnational adoptees, and refugees. Each episode begins with an analysis of a song that discusses an immigrant who does not quite fit the traditional metanarrative, and continues with conversations with artists, scholars and community members who have relevant lived or research experience. During the presentation, he will preview two excerpts–one from an episode about Cambodian American refugees and one about Korean American adoptees–and discuss the ethical and political ideas behind them. He will also discuss the possibilities that the podcast medium can open up, but also its limitations as a tool for public musicology.

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