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Episode 3: The Family Show

This episode we chat with Eastman alums Kate Maroney and Red Weirenga, current DMA student Anna Lenti, and your host – Stephen Biegner – about what it was like starting a family while continuing to maintain a professional career.  What were their careers like before; how did they meet and make it work as gigging musicians; are their lives vastly different after having a kid?

The interview was recorded back in late May, but due to COVID and furloughs, it’s taken a little time to actually pull this together. Kate and Red are still here in Rochester, and we actually discovered two small corrections: 1.) Vincent Rose is Anna’s great grandfather; 2.) Kate and Anna actually met at Eastman where they had a church job together; however, they did also gig together in NYC when Anna was a Westminster.

Host: Stephen Biegner

Mixing, Mastering, Score, and Sound Design: Alexa Silverman

Guests: Kate Maroney: mezzo-soprano

Red Wierenga: composer, improviser, pianist, accordionist, respectronicist

Anna Lenti: conductor, soprano


Kate’s website

Red’s website

Anna’s website

Questions, comments, ideas for an episode? Email Stephen: sbiegner@esm.rochester.edu

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Music: Intro Music – Stephen Biegner

Outro Music – Solfeggio the Cricket by Anna Lenti from her 1969 album “Animal Songs”

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