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You’re obviously passionate about music, but what else inspires you? How can you create a synergy with those elements to create new opportunities, foster new projects, and inform your career. Grammy-winning trumpeter and composer Nabaté Isles explains how you can pull it all together in an intimate presentation and discussion with the IML.

In his talk, Nabaté will focus on: factors to emphasize while self-producing your own album or artistic endeavor; how to create game-plans for yourself (and stick to them); how you can learn to converse with anyone at any time; and, he’ll stress the importance of making research a part of your lifestyle. He’ll also share stories from his own career showcasing performing highlights, unique opportunities he’s had to work in TV and film, and explain how he had time to start a sportscasting career on top of everything else. Join us for what is sure to be an energetic and dynamic discussion!

This talk is presented in collaboration with JCM and as a part of Steve Danyew’s ALP course Career Skills for the 21st Century. Click here to learn more about the Arts Leadership Program and Courses.

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