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Download the transcript: Strength and Sensitivity with Colleen Bernstein – Ep. 8

Episode 8: Strength and Sensitivity with Colleen Bernstein
DMA Percussion student Emma Gierszal is back this time interviewing Eastman alum Colleen Bernstein about her project Strength and Sensitivity. Hear how what started out as a one-time concert is now an adaptable, multi-media project that’s seen more and more performances across the country. Emma also asks Colleen about her time at Eastman, her collaboration with the Strong Museum of Play, and her new teaching job that has her working with almost 600 students.

Host: Stephen Biegner and Emma Gierszal
Guests: Colleen Bernstein
Mixing, Mastering: Frances Inzenhofer
Intro Music and Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman
Transcript: Emma Gierszal

Colleen’s Website with more info about Strength and Sensitivity.

Watch Paul Burgett’s infamous “Fiery Furnace” talk (and see if you can spot Colleen!)

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