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Episode 6: I Am Like a Snowball
DMA student Emma Gierszal interviews Laura Lentz, professional flutist and artistic director of the modern chamber quintet fivebyfive, about their upcoming project – For the Future: The Susan B. Anthony Historic District (Music, Art, and Action). The two discuss the genesis of the event, what went into planning for such an event – especially during COVID – and ultimately focus on why it’s important to be engaged in your community as an artist.

Correction: In the episode, we said that Laura moved to Italy to teach English and then met her husband. In fact, they met in Wisconsin and then Laura moved back to Rome with her husband for love! We apologize for the error.

Hosts: Stephen Biegner and Emma Gierszal
Guest: Laura Lentz, flutist & artistic director of fivebyfive
Mixing, Mastering: Frances Inzenhofer
Intro Music and Incidental Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman

Laura’s website and a direct link to hear Comfort Pieces
fivebyfive’s website
For the Future: The Susan B. Anthony Distric (Music, Art, and Action)
Mina Esary – composer

And, if you’re interested in checking out just a few of the collaborators for this event that Laura mentioned, here are links to the Landmark Society and ROC Music.

Laura also mentioned Castle of Our Skins which advocates for black composers. Please take a look!

Questions, comments, ideas for an episode? Email Stephen: sbiegner@esm.rochester.edu

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