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Download the transcript: Negotiating the Wage Gap – Ep 4

Episode 4: Negotiating the Wage Gap
This episode we chat with Rachel Roberts, the Associate Professor of Music Leadership and the Graduate Degree Program Director for the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music. Rachel leads salary negotiation workshops for the AAUW, and in our conversation, we quickly shifted from practical tips on negotiating to the gender wage gap. It’s all interconnected. Listen to us talk tips, and go down some deep rabbit holes. Lots of links with more information referenced in the episode, credits, and puppy pics below!

The interview was recorded back in mid-May.

Host: Stephen Biegner
Guest: Rachel Roberts
Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design: Alexa Silverman
Score: Stephen Biegner (with sick, piano shredding at the end by Alexa Silverman)
Intro Music: Stephen Biegner
Script Editing and Review: Emma Gierszal

Links: We mentioned a lot of links and articles in this episode, and used a lot of resources to help us put this one together. Here we go:
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Third Sector New England
IML Grants

We couldn’t find the exact BBC article Rachel referenced as it was a few years back, but there are no shortage of articles on the gender wage gap. Here’s one. Here’s another.

This article helped with figures and concepts for our section on starting retirement savings at 25 vs. 35.

This is the budget program Rachel uses. (NB – the IML is not expressly endorsing this or any other product, nor do we have any relationship with the company that provides this software. We are sharing solely for informational purposes.)

We used two great articles to help with our segment on Elizabeth Rowe and the gender and pay breakdown of orchestras. This one from Boston.com, and this one from NPR.

For anyone interested, here is the book by Iris Bohnet that Rachel talked about.

Small Corrections: We want to clarify, one can always contribute to their own retirement account, either set up by your work or one you’ve created; if the former, it’s just a question of whether one is eligible for any employee match. Also, in the segment about Rachel not getting her bonus and raise – she apparently did get her bonus, but that figure was not added to her salary thereafter as was negotiated.

PUPPIES: I’m sure all of you are wondering about Rachel’s puppy Cocoa. Well. We have a picture from the time of the interview, and a picture of how she looks now!


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