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Download the transcript: Growing Pains – Garrett McQueen on Equity on the World of So-Called “Classical Music” – Ep. 11

Episode 11: Growing Pains: Garrett McQueen on Equity in the World of So-Called “Classical Music”
Special Guest host Dalanie Harris from the Classically Black Podcast talks with Garrett McQueen about all of the recent diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives started by many conservatories and classical music organizations following the murder of George Floyd – Eastman included. Did it not matter for the past 99 years of our history as a conservatory? And what does this really mean for those involved, and what’s the best way to go about it?

Host: Dalanie Harris (full interview), Stephen Biegner (intro and outro)
Guests: Garrett McQueen
Mixing, Mastering: Frances Inzenhofer
Intro Music: Stephen Biegner
Outro Music: Alexa Silverman
Transcript: Emma Gierszal

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