About this event:

Join us for a free webinar about the intersection of musical creativity and legal protection focusing on how musicians can navigate the legal complexities of copyrights. The panel discussion moderated by entertainment lawyer Daniel McIntosh includes Christopher Azzara, Judith Finell, Joseph Fishman, Ari Solotoff, and Mark Watters.


  • Welcome (11:00 AM EST);
  • Christopher Azzara discussing the elements of what defines a musical composition (11:14 AM EST);
  • Joseph Fishman sharing insights of what protection the law provides for musical compositions (11:28 AM EST);
  • Q&A #1 (11:40 AM EST);
  • Mark Watters providing insights on compositions for film, television, and other visual medias (12:00 PM EST);
  • Judith Finell explaining the role forensic musicologists play in copyright infringement claims (12:15 PM EST); and
  • Q&A #2 (12:28 PM EST);
  • Ari Solotoff tying all the pieces together to share how copyright laws impact musicians in their creative endeavors (12:41 PM EST);
  • Panel cross-discussions (12:54 PM EST);
  • Q&A #3 (1:25 PM EST)

Participants are welcome to join at any point in the conversation and are encouraged to bring their questions! 

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Event ID#: 5214