We at the Institute for Music Leadership greatly enjoy being a collaborative partner for events and bringing guests to  campus. Whether it’s with departments, faculty members, or student groups, we would love to support the wonderful offerings Eastman provides. See below to view the different partnerships we provide. Please note: In order to collaborate with us, the suggested event or guest speaker topics must align with the IML mission:

To create, share, support, and implement innovative ideas and programs to ensure the relevance and impact of music in today’s world. We strive to engage all Eastman students, faculty, staff, and alumni to think broadly about new ways of making music vital, and to be leaders in the greater musical community of tomorrow.

Faculty & Departmental Events (Sponsored) 

Any Eastman faculty member or department interested financial assistance to sponsor guests can apply for the IML Faculty Matching Grant. These matching funds of up to $500 are designed to support the costs of bringing in external guests (i.e. honoraria, transportation, room & board, etc.). Faculty representing a student organization may also apply, as long as the faculty is active in the planning of the event.

The IML Faculty Matching Grant supports events that meet the following criteria:

  • Topic /presenter is balanced along with topics from other scheduled events to assist in expanding our reach to a wide range of Eastman students
  • Is feasible from a scheduling, logistical and financial standpoint
  • Is co-sponsored by at least one other funding source for a matching amount
  • Is initiated by Eastman faculty
  • Priority is given to applicants that are planning on incorporating this event into an existing studio or class time

Requests must be received at least 60-days prior to the event, excluding holidays. Faculty will receive a notice of the proposal being accepted within a week of submission.

See examples of previously awarded IML matching funds guest/presenter events. Please note that any honoraria, travel or lodging is intended for support of an outside guest, not to pay or reimburse Eastman faculty.

Faculty, Departmental, & Student Group Events (Un-Sponsored) 

If a faculty member or department is already bringing in a guest or has an upcoming event, we would gladly assist this session in a variety of ways.

For requests made a within 30 days or prior to the event, we can offer some of the following:

  • Administrative assistance with setting up and marketing the event
  • Having personnel physically on hand during the event to monitor attendance and facilitate conversations
  • Setting up 1:1 mentorship meetings with specific students or groups
  • Requiring attendance by current Arts Leadership Program Certificate and/or Master of Arts in Music Leadership students
  • Provide coffee and tea (when appropriate)

For requests made less than 30 days prior to the event, we can help market the event by:

  • Putting the event in our calendar and on Handshake
  • Highlighting it on our social media platforms
  • Informing our Arts Leadership Program Certificate and/or Master of Arts in Music Leadership students

Engage with Us!

We are always thrilled to find new volunteers, guests speakers, and industry partners to better support our students’ education. If you are an Eastman community member with a recommendation for a guest, or you are an individual/musical group interested in connecting, please fill out the IML Engagement Form. The information provided in this form will help us identify appropriate programs, courses, or opportunities best on the guests interests and skill sets.

We usually review submissions during the summer to plan for the corresponding year. Once reviewed, we will reach out to the recommended individual to set up a time to connect to learn more.

Please Note: The Institute of Music Leadership does not sponsor or host musical performances. Questions? Feel free to contact us at iml@esm.rochester.edu or 585-274-1113.