One 7-week term

Class activities and assignments – 4 to 6 hours weekly

Class Starts

August 25

What Challenges Face Tomorrow’s Music Leaders?

Leadership Issues in Music provides a collaborative and rigorous learning environment that focuses on this essential question: “What are the most critical challenges facing us as the musical leaders of tomorrow and what can we do to meet them?” This course is designed around the interviews of five national leaders of musical arts organizations, the critical analysis of related readings, and a host of interactive summarization activities. Imbedded in the course activities are topics of advocacy, problem solving, strategizing, and leadership.

Topics Include:


Problem Solving



Eastman Credit Option

$697 USD

This is a one-credit course and is available for Eastman undergraduate or graduate credit. Students must achieve a grade of B or higher for this course to count towards the Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate.

Non-Credit Option

$399 USD

Students receive a grade report for the course but no college credit from Eastman*. Students are expected to meet all course requirements, including assignments, participation in activities, and meeting of all deadlines.

*Students who choose the non-credit option are not eligible for the Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate.

Meet the Instructor

James Doser

Director of the Institute for Music Leadership

Jim Doser is an educator, administrator, musician, and entrepreneur. As the Director of the Institute for Music Leadership at the Eastman School of Music, he administers the Arts Leadership Program, The Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research, the Career and Professional Development Office, and is Editor-in-Chief of The Eastman Case Studies. Recent projects include the launch of the Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate: Online, the IML Grant and Mentorship Program for students and alumni, and the Eastman/ArtistShare Partnership For twenty years he was co-owner of Tritone Music, Inc., a company specializing in jazz instruction for adults. Doser received a BM (MUE) and MM (Jazz), and the Performer’s Certificate from Eastman, and is recipient of the Smithsonian Award in Education for his work on the Smithsonian’s exhibit The Jazz Age in Paris.

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“Leaders must recognize the needs of their communities, their organizations and their artists, and then strategize and implement ways to meet those needs. There is no greater source of information about leadership than speaking with cutting-edge leaders themselves – the foundation of this course.”

– James Doser, Director of the Institute for Music Leadership