one 7-week term

Class activities and assignments – 4 to 6 hours weekly

Class Offered

Early Spring 2020

How Can I Use Digital Marketing to Serve My Career?

This class is designed to help students understand the key concepts of relationship marketing in the arts, the digital strategies involved and how to put these concepts into action through a digital marketing campaign. The course will cover topics such as effective message crafting techniques, establishing a cultural brand, project fundraising as a relationship building tool and the leveraging of modern social media platforms to execute a cohesive and sustainable marketing plan. Students will learn the key concepts of marketing which include creating and utilizing a marketing mission statement, defining appropriate campaign goals, developing promotional strategies and measuring their effectiveness using tools such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts and blogs.

Topics Include
Relationship Marketing
Campaign Development
Brand Development
Project Funding
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Eastman Credit Option

$697 USD

This is a one-credit course and is available for Eastman undergraduate or graduate credit. Students must achieve a grade of B or higher for this course to count towards the Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate.

Non-Credit Option

$399 USD

Students receive a grade report for the course but no college credit from Eastman*. Students are expected to meet all course requirements, including assignments, participation in activities, and meeting of all deadlines.

*Students who choose the non-credit option are not eligible for the Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate.

Meet the Instructor

Brian Camelio

Musician, Producer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Educator

Brian is an accomplished musician, producer, entrepreneur, inventor, and educator. Most notably he is credited as being a pioneer of modern “crowdfunding”. In 2001, he created ArtistShare, a website and software application for creative artists to fund projects directly through their fan bases which later became the blueprint for many of today’s crowdfunding websites such as KickStarter, IndieGoGo and PledgeMusic. In 2004, the first ArtistShare project won a Grammy award and became the first album in history to win a Grammy that was not available in retail stores. Since then ArtistShare fan-funded project releases have received a total of 10 Grammy awards and 29 Grammy nominations. – www.briancamelio.com

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“Messaging – and delivering that messaging – was once the exclusive territory of artist managers, publicists, and PR departments. No longer. All musicians must utilize the digital environment to actively engage with their fans, customers, and communities.”

– James Doser, Director of the Institute for Music Leadership