The Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate Online continues your journey towards becoming a successful musician with the highest quality content, rich interaction, personalized attention, and inclusion in the Eastman Community from anywhere.

What Skills Will I Learn?

Professional Writing Skills:
Bios, News Releases, Pitch Letters, Informational Interview Requests, Cover Letters, Résumés, Grant Writing

Entrepreneurial and Business Skills:
Entrepreneurial Idea Generation, Market and Competitive Analysis, Business Plan Writing, Marketing Strategies, Financial Management, Business Structures, Audience Engagement Strategies, Understanding Contracts, Funding your Project, Protecting your Idea

Professional Communication Skills:
Networking, Interviewing, Presenting, Talking with Media, Promoting Yourself

Leadership Skills:
Advocacy, Critical Analysis, Problem Solving, Strategizing

The Eastman Career and Leadership Experience…

Quality Content

Eastman’s Arts Leadership Curriculum: Setting the standard for two decades.


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Rich Interaction

Rich interaction with instructors, course facilitators and classmates.


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Course Sequence

Career Skills for the 21st Century


Foundation for musicians to envision their career paths and develop professional writing, communication, practical and business skills

Leadership Issues in Music

Early Fall

Collaborative and rigorous learning environment that focuses on the most critical challenges facing musical leaders

Digital Marketing

Early Spring

Understand and utilize effective message crafting and leveraging the web and social media as marketing tools

Entrepreneurial Thinking


Envision, develop, and present your ‘Big Idea’ while honing the skills and processes learned throughout the program

Copyright & Licensing for Musicians

Early Spring

Get an in-depth look at the current business of music copyright, licensing, and streaming for your music.