Want to take advantage of a professional development opportunity, but don’t have the financial resources to fully fund your expenses? Students currently enrolled in the ALP Certificate Program are eligible to apply for up to $1500 in funding for reimbursable expenses.

Application Deadlines

Thursday, November 1, 2018  – For opportunities taking place prior to February 1

Thursday, January 31, 2019  – For opportunities taking place prior to May 15

Monday, April 1, 2019  – For opportunities taking place during the Summer (May 15 – August 31)


The intent of the Special Opportunity Grant is to further the professional development of all students currently enrolled in the Arts Leadership Certificate Program by providing support for specific opportunities that relate to a student’s career goals and ALP course-work.

Opportunities cannot be solely related to your degree program.

Acceptable opportunities for this type of grant include:

  1. Seminars/ Conferences – students can apply to attend seminars or conferences on topics in areas including arts management, entrepreneurship, arts leadership, development, innovative ensembles, music technology, and performance/outreach. These seminars must not be on performance, music theory, or music history alone and should supplement, not duplicate, information already available in ALP courses. They must put your musical learning in a larger context. Accordingly, typical master classes, summer festivals, or musicology and theory symposia are currently not eligible for funding. The review committee will be looking for evidence of learning opportunities for topics in leadership, entrepreneurship, education/outreach, arts management, advancement/development, innovative ensembles, etc.Evidence of these topics must be provided with your application (copies of schedules indicating the specific presentations you will be attending that will meet these requirements, etc.)If you are interning with an organization and the organization wishes you to attend a specific event that may meet these requirements, the organization will at least be expected to fund part of your expenses.
  2. Apprenticeships – students can apply to shadow performers, composers, or other figures in the music world who could be deemed as “arts leaders.” These individuals should have diverse careers that relate directly to a student’s career interests. Again, such apprenticeships must not be simply a few days of lessons, or a week of watching a world-class performer give standard recitals to traditional audiences. These must be people who are creating new audiences, reaching new listeners, and thinking outside the box. Such apprenticeships must be carefully planned and should involve observing the mentor in a number of contrasting roles and situations. Please see the IML Assistant Director if you would like to explore this option.

Opportunities that do not conform to the above categories will not be funded.


Getting Started

Our list of Ideas for special opportunities may give you some additional ideas.

How to Apply

It is recommended that you review your idea with the IML Assistant Director BEFORE filling out application materials in order to determine if the opportunity is eligible.

In order to request approval for funding for a specific opportunity, you must fill out all sections of the Special Opportunity Grant Application and Expense Sheet and submit it to the ALP office by the stated deadlines. Be sure to provide detailed evidence of the topics, etc. (as mentioned in the “Seminars” section above). Assume that the committee knows NOTHING about where/what you are proposing. The best applications are complete applications. Run it by a friend or a colleague and see if they understand it before submitting.

Approval must be granted BEFORE the special opportunity you wish to have funded is undertaken. If approval is granted a signed, approved copy of the form will be returned to you. You will then be responsible for attending the event and paying for it yourself. Be sure to keep receipts for reimbursable expenses. You are reimbursed once you have completed the event. You must resubmit the completed form to the ALP office after you have completed the opportunity so that payment can be processed. Be sure to include all original receipts.
When filling out the Expense Sheet be sure to itemize each expense.

Expected Date Description Amount Date Description* Actual Amount
a) 5/10/17 Airline ticket (leave 5/10/17 return 5/13/17) 435.00 a) 5/10/17 same 435.00
b) 5/11/17 to 5/15/17 Lodging 315.00 b) 5/11/17 to 5/15/17 same 292.00

General Information on Funding

The grant may reimburse students for Room, Travel Costs, and Conference/Seminar/Tuition Fees. Board (meals) are to be covered by the student. Reimbursement for other related expenses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Students may be reimbursed for up to a maximum of $1500.00.

The ALP has a budgeted amount set aside for Special Opportunity Grants for the academic year. Grant awards are first come, first serve. Once that budgeted amount is reached, additional funds will not be available until the summer or next academic year.

Students may only be funded one time during the academic cycle. Priority will be given to students requesting funding for the first time.

Alumni are not eligible for funding at this time. Summer funding may only include an internship OR a special opportunity grant – not both.