ALP Certificate Requirements

ALP Certificate Requirements (PDF) (updated 07.23.19)

Students accepted into the ALP certificate program must complete the following requirements to receive the ALP Certificate:

  • Minimum of 3 courses (one of which must be a core course)*
  • 2 credits in an internship
  • Final ALP credits totaling 6 or more
  • Receive a “B” or above for any ALP course to be used to fulfill the certificate requirements (“S” for internships)
  • Sign and comply with the requirements of the ALP Pledge (PDF)
  • Comply with requirements for attending additional IML events
  • All requirements must be completed by the time you graduate


1.) *Core Course Select a minimum of 1 of the following core courses

Course Title
Entrepreneurial Thinking
Fall (online) AND Spring (classroom in person)
Leadership Issues in Music
Fall (online)
Career Skills for the 21st Century
Fall (classroom in person) AND Fall (online)

2.) **Required ALP internship – 2 credit requirement

3.) Electives – Any other ALC courses to meet or exceed the 3 course/6 credit certificate requirement.

ALP Certificate candidates are encouraged to take as many ALP courses as their schedule and time will permit.

**ALP Internship Requirements
Summer internships require a commitment of 120 hours for 1 credit.
Academic year internships require a commitment of 85 hours per semester for 1 credit.
Students may choose any combination of summer/academic year to fulfill their 2 credit requirement.
No more than 2 internship credits can be used towards the 6 credit certificate requirement.

Attending IML Events Requirement* – ALP students are required to attend one IML Special Event per semester -OR- 2 Career Tips in 20 minutes events. (Individual Coaching sessions do not fulfill the requirement.) This must be outside of an ALP course in which you’re enrolled. For a listing of events, visit the IML Events page.

*Due to the coronovirus pandemic, in 2020-2021 the IML Events Requirement for ALP Certificate Students will be modified as listed below. To receive credit, after viewing your selected resource in its entirety, please complete the ALP Certificate Students IML Events Requirement Fulfillment form. 

ALP certificate students are required to attend, view or listen to one live/recorded event, video or podcast per semester. (Individual Coaching sessions do not fulfill the requirement.) This must be outside of an ALP course in which you’re enrolled. See the ALP Certificate Students IML Events Requirement page for full details.

Additional Information
*Students enrolled in more than one certificate or diploma program at Eastman may have restrictions on what ALP courses may be duplicated and used towards fulfillment of each program’s requirements. You may not use the same course without the permission of your program advisor. In all cases, internships for each program must be separate experiences. Students enrolled in both the ALP and Chamber Music certificates may only count Entrepreneurial Thinking towards both certificates – no other ALC courses may be duplicated.

Special Information for Undergraduate Winds, Brass & Percussion Students (PDF)