Arts Leadership Certificate Application

Join a cohort of leaders as you explore music careers, gain hands-on experience, build a network of professionals in the field, and learn how to adapt in an ever-changing arts industry. Applications season opens in the summer and is completed within the first few weeks of the fall semester each year.

  • Review the Certificate Requirements – Ensure that you are eligible and are willing to complete the requirements of the certificate.
  • Complete the Application & Submit Your Materials
  • Schedule an Interview – Use this link to select a time that will work for you in the coming weeks. Should you make it to the next round, we will confirm this interview time with you.
  • Check Your Email! – Invitations to be interviewed will be sent to your ESM email. Please be sure to read and respond promptly.
  • Interview – Be interviewed by the Program Director and other ESM staff. To practice for this interview, feel free to explore our Interview Preparation resources.
  • Receive Your Acceptance Letter – If accepted, you will receive a formal acceptance letter. In the letter, it will outline some general policies of the program which we will ask you to sign and return.

Letter of Recommendation
Request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, supervisor, or mentor. Ask your recommender if they are willing to support your application and send them to this Recommendation Letter form. Please note: This letter should NOT be about your performance abilities. Rather, it should address your work ethic, personal characteristics, academic ability, potential for leadership, and/or your potential commitment to the goals of the Arts Leadership Program.

Develop a current résumé outlining your background, work (internships and/or work at cultural organizations) and leadership experience. Do NOT submit a performance resume. For assistance in developing a leadership/administrative résumé, visit the ESM Office of Careers and Professional Development website.

Complete 3 short essays. These are designed to give us a more personal view of your past experience, your ambitions, and what you hope to get out of the ALP Certificate Program.

  • Describe your career ambitions. What experience or knowledge do you hope to get out of the certificate program in order to help you achieve these career goals?  How might you take what you learn or experience in ALP and go out and become a more innovative performer, teacher, community member and/or arts leader?
  • Describe any activities or projects in which you have been involved that demonstrated initiative or leadership (e.g., audience outreach, ensemble organization and programming, administration of student organizations, political advocacy, etc.).
  • Internships are a key component to the ALP Certificate Program. What type of internship might you hope to attain and what are some of the organizations in which you may be interested?  List 3 things you would hope to learn from the experience.


Essay Formatting notes: Answer each on a separate page, but all 3 should be combined into one document. Limited to 1 typed double-spaced page for each essay, 1” margins, font no smaller than 12 point.

Submit all documents as PDF’s. 

Students accepted into the ALP certificate should be enrolled at Eastman full-time for the duration of the certificate, be in good academic standing, provide evidence of past leadership and/or entrepreneurship, and demonstrate an awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing professional musicians and artists.

  • Undergraduates must apply fall semester of their junior year.
  • Graduate students must have a minimum of 3 semester left.

To receive the ALP Certificate, accepted students must complete the following requirements by the time they graduate. 

COURSE & INTERNSHIPS: 6 credits minimum 

  • Complete 4 credits of ALC courses  
  • Take a minimum of 3 ALC courses (1 core course, 2 electives) to fulfill the 4 course credits
  • Complete 2 semesters of internships at a minimum of 85 hours per semester
  • Receive a “B” or above for any ALP course and an “S” for internships 


Each semester, there will be training sessions, meetings, advising sessions, and events specifically for the ALP Certificate cohort. These required activities will be outlined at the beginning of each semester. Some meetings will include pre- or post-event activities or assignments to complete. 


SPECIAL EVENTS: 1 per semester 

Students are required to attend 1 special event of their choosing each semester and provide a short reflection. These could include live Eastman presentations or online offerings such as podcasts or webinars. Content should incorporate both music/arts topics AND at least one the following topics: careers, arts management, entrepreneurship, leadership, innovative ensembles, technology, wellness, community engagement, and/or DEI training. This event must be outside of an ALC course in which you’re enrolled. 

Have a question? Feel free to reach out to the Arts Leadership Program Director at



Info Table in Lowry Hall

Wednesday, September 1 & 2

Meet current ALP students to learn more about the program and it’s offerings. Times TBD.


Applications Due

Wednesday, September 16

Please submit the application, materials, and schedule an interview.


ALP Applicant Interviews

September 22 – 28

Meet the Program Director to discuss why this program is a good fit for you!


Alumni/Student Brunch

September 30

All applicants are encouraged to attend our Meliora Weekend social to connect with alumni and current students in the program.


Certificate students announced

October 2

Acceptances into the program will be sent to applicant ESM e-mail addresses.