It is critical that approved time is received by the due date and time. Interns are ultimately responsible for timely submission of supervisor approvals within the pay period cycle.

Reporting Time for ALP Interns

Interns will report time via the University of Rochester’s Human Resources Management System (HRMS). For more information on HRMS and how to enter time, please see the information below.

HRMS portal — sign into HRMS and enter your time after carefully reviewing the information below.

Important Guidelines for Entering Time

Payroll Schedule

Intern Calendar

  • Interns are not permitted to work any University holidays.
  • No time is authorized prior to start or after end dates as shown on the Intern Calendar.
  • Pay periods are for two weeks. See the Payroll Schedule for beginning and ending pay period dates.
  • Report actual time worked (start and end times) to the minute. Time must always be entered AFTER you have worked.
  • There is an automatic meal period of 30 minutes deducted after 6 consecutive hours, so plan accordingly.
  • Interns will not be paid at an overtime rate (more than 40 hours per week or if too many hours are reported overnight). This would be unusual, but please discuss with the IML Director in advance if you think this might happen.
  • Pay periods end on Saturday at 11 pm. Time cannot be entered in advance, so if you plan to work on the last Saturday of the pay period, enter your time and get your supervisor’s approval AFTER you have worked.  Make sure your supervisor sends their approval submitted to Stephen Biegner by 9:30 am Monday morning at the absolute latest.
  • It is recommended that total hours worked at any UR jobs do not exceed 20 hours per week while school is in session, otherwise the limit is 40 hours.
  • Interns must work a minimum of 85 hours per semester to receive credit. They may work up to 100 hours without getting any additional approvals. Exceptions to this policy can only be made with the approval of the host supervisor and the IML Assistant Director.
  • Any anticipated work time over 100 hours must be REQUESTED IN WRITING by the intern at least 2 weeks in advance and approved by the host supervisor and the IML Assistant Director. The request must include reasons for wanting to go over the 100 hours and estimated hours over. (We are limited to a budget and this must be approved.) Any hours worked over 100 without receiving this authorization will not be paid.
  • If you have multiple UR/ESM jobs for which you are reporting time, be sure to select the correct job to report time for your internship.
  • International Students must register their internship in Glacier. See the UR International Services Office for more information.


Steps to Report Time and Have it Approved

HRMS Time Entry Screen example

ALP Intern Hour Log example

Payroll Schedule

You (the intern) are ultimately responsible for making sure the approval is sent by your supervisor to Stephen Biegner no later than 4 p.m. on the due date specified on the Payroll Schedule. If you haven’t seen your supervisor’s approval email go through to Stephen, it is your responsibility to follow up with your supervisor.  Do not assume it has been taken care of. Without supervisor approval, your hours will not be approved in HRMS and you will not be paid.

  • Enter time in HRMS. See HRMS Time Entry Screen example.
  • Update all information in your ALP Intern Hour Log in UR Box for the pay period. This must be done prior to submitting your screenshot for approval. Your supervisor will also have access to this information. (Box links will be provided to you individually.)
  • Take a screenshot of your timecard (do not take a picture of your screen with your phone)
    • To screenshot on a Mac, press Shift+Command+4
    • To screenshot on a PC, press Windows+Shift+S
    • Drag the cursor that appears over the part of your screen you want to screenshot.  Don’t forget to capture your name at the top and total hours worked at the bottom of your timecard.
  • Submit the screenshot of your timecard via email to your supervisor, copying Stephen Biegner ( Request that they approve the timecard and your ALP Intern Hour Log by responding to the email with “Reply All” and indicating their approval.  Once Stephen receives this confirmation, the process is complete and your hours will be approved in HRMS by ALP so that you may be paid. See the Payroll Schedule for pay dates.