Join the Institute for Music Leadership with a graduate award as an IML Department Assistant.

Planning on being enrolled as a full time graduate student at Eastman for the coming academic year? Applying to graduate school at Eastman? Hope to get a graduate award? If so, you may be interested in the Institute for Music Leadership (IML) Department Assistantship.

      • a non-performance résumé that includes information on relevant job experience. This should include work history, leadership and technology skills.
      • a short narrative describing why you are specifically interested in the IML Department Assistantship.
    • Newly applying to Eastman graduate degree program?

***Include the information requested with your Eastman application.***
Send a quick e-mail to let us know you’ve applied, just so you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

      • Continuing graduate student?
        • Already have a grad award? Fill out the “Continuation of Graduate Award” form provided to you by the ESM graduate office in January, and indicate you wish to be considered for a new award. The “Information we need from you” listed above should be returned with the form and an additional copy provided to the IML office. You should also contact the IML Assistant Director to let them know of your interest.
        • No current grad award? Provide the “Information we need from you” listed above directly to the IML office.
      • It is also highly recommended that you review the IML website for additional information on all IML programs, including the Arts Leadership Program (ALP), the Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research, and Careers and Professional Development. Candidates who demonstrate a basic knowledge of and interest in our organization have an improved chance of being chosen.
      • Preference is given to graduate students who are enrolled in or plan to apply to an Eastman/IML certificate or degree program, but other Eastman applicants will also be considered. The ideal candidate for this position is an enthusiastic self-starter who is eager to learn and can take responsibility for projects and duties with minimal supervision. Excellent writing skills are needed, as is the ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of constituents. A working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) is required. Data entry experience and familiarity with graphics or video, social media (facebook, etc.), and web authoring applications are extremely desirable.
      • Should you be selected as a final candidate, a phone interview will be required, although an in person interview will be preferred.
      • Questions? Contact the IML office.


This assistantship will be awarded as part of the overall Eastman School of Music Graduate Award Program and will be decided jointly with the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Graduate students receive notice of Graduate Awards either with their letter of acceptance or shortly thereafter.