Getting Started on Funding Opportunities through ALP
Ideas for summer internships & housing
Ideas for special opportunity grants

Looking to get the most benefit out of your time as an ALP certificate student? See below for ideas for summer internships, housing resources for interns, ideas for special opportunity grants and more. Please do NOT limit yourself to the organizations listed here — these are just SUGGESTIONS to get you started. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination! (Want to advertise your internship or special opportunity on this page? If so, please visit our Host an ALP Intern page.)


Rochester area internships

Special Focus: Non-local organizations with a connection to ALP or ESM alumni:

Most of these special focus organizations have an ALP or ESM alumni connection. Please contact the IML Asst Director should you need contact information.


Other Non-local organizations to consider:

Many of these may also have ALP/ESM connections. Check with the IML Asst Director if interested in finding a connection if available.

Helpful Internship Websites

  • NEC Bridge – Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection, a database maintained by the New England Conservatory’s Career Services Center, provides 24 hour online access to over 2,800 opportunities in music and arts administration, including internships. See more information on ESM’s Careers website about free access to current ESM students.
  • The Greene Center for Career Education and Connections (UR) – Internship information available through the University of Rochester Career Center including tips and many other resources to assist in an internship search.
  • – One of the #1 job sites in the world. Your search for internships can be narrowed down via keywords or location.
  • – Lists hundreds of internships in all areas of the entertainment industry including talent agencies, radio and television stations, recording studios, and more!
  • – Provides search information on non-profit internships
  • Dream Careers – Choose summer internships in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, look up internship itinerary

Recommended Housing Services