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All forms and other printable documents are available in the pdf version where you can print out a copy of the form and complete it by hand. Some forms are also offered in Microsoft Word or Excel, that allows you to download the form and fill it in on your computer.
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It is highly recommended that when available, you use the Microsoft Word fill in forms. These forms will open in Microsoft Word and will allow you to type directly into the forms and save them.

Intern Forms

ALP Intern Statement of Intent
DOC fill in | PDF

Academic Year
Academic Year Intern Application Instructions (PDF) – read me first!
Apply Now – Go to Academic Year Intern Online Application

Academic Year Intern Contract
DOC fill in | PDF

Summer/ Post Graduate
Summer/Post Grad Intern Application Instructions (PDF) – read me first!
Apply Now – Go to Summer/Post Grad Intern Online Application

Summer/ Post Graduate Intern Contract
DOC fill in | PDF

Sample e-mail/letter to prospective host (PDF)


Intern Calendar (PDF)
Payroll Schedule (PDF)
Important Dates for Spring (PDF)

Evaluation Forms

Intern First Period Evaluation (PDF)
Intern Final Period Evaluation(PDF)
Host Supervisor First Period Evaluation(PDF)
Host Supervisor Final Period Evaluation (PDF)

Host Supervisor Forms

Host Application for Intern
DOC fill in | PDF

Job Description – Academic Year
DOC fill in | PDF 

Job Description – Summer/Post Graduate
DOC fill in | PDF

Host Supervisor First Period Evaluation

Host Supervisor Final Period Evaluation

Intern Host Terms of Employment

Special Opportunity Grants

Special Opportunity Grant Application – includes Expense Sheet (DOC)

Special Opportunity Expense Sheet – this will automatically total (EXCEL)

Starting a new job with the University of Rochester and Completing an I-9

ALP academic year interns are hired and paid as student employees through the University of Rochester. There are a number of pre-requisite steps you must complete in order to be hired. If you have already worked as a student employee, it’s possible you have completed all of this already. But please take a moment to double check that ALL of these things have been done.

Completing the I-9 at Eastman

For the I-9 portion of your pre-requisite, please take the following steps in completing an I-9 for working as a student employee at Eastman.

  1. Go to the “I-9 Express” website here and complete the steps necessary to create an I-9 form online. You will need the following information when completing Section 1of this form:
    • The University of Rochester/Eastman employer code is 11968
    • The University of Rochester/Eastman employer location is 100000-Student Workers
      (this option should appear at the top of the list for you)
  2. Once you have submitted Section 1 online, you’ll be provided with a list of the acceptable documentation that you are required to provide to the Eastman Financial Aid Office. When you have the original versions of your required documentation, you should stop by the Eastman Financial Aid office Monday through Friday, 9-4 p.m. to complete the remaining steps for your I-9. All steps must be completed before you may enter hours and be paid.

Additional pre-requisites to be completed

For additional pre-requisites (missed meal period acknowledgement, Wage Theft Protection Act, and Student Confidentiality Training) please visit the Student Employment “Starting a New Job” web page¬† and follow instructions there. These must also be complete before you will be able to enter hours worked.