ALP Course Information – Arts Leadership Curriculum (ALC)

Whether you’re an ALP Certificate Student/Intern or a student simply interested in taking advantage of the diverse and practical ALC course offerings, the following links will provide information and answers to many questions. If you need additional assistance, please contact the ALP office.

Course Listings

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ALP Fall 2021 Course Listing and Descriptions (PDF)  Final Version 03.19.2021

ALP Spring 2021 Course Listing and Descriptions (PDF) Final version 11.04.2020

ALP Fall 2020 Course Listing and Descriptions (PDF)

ALP Spring 2020 Course Listing and Descriptions (PDF)

Concise Listing of all ALP courses currently being offered (Fall and Spring) (PDF)

ALP Course Categories

Current course listings for the University of Rochester (online access)

Arts Leadership Curriculum Policies

All graduate students can take ALP courses for free by registering at the ALC 400 level. Graduate students in certain instances may also wish or be required to register for other than the ALC 400 level and pay regular tuition charges.  Visit our Graduate Policy on ALP Course Credits page to find further details on whether or not a course may be used to fulfill certificate, diploma, or degree requirements.

The Institute for Music Leadership plans each semester’s Arts Leadership Curriculum (ALC) courses to meet the varying needs of students. In any given semester, courses are canceled for a variety of reasons, including instructor availability and low enrollment. All ALC courses are subject to cancellation as determined by the Director of the Institute for Music Leadership. Review of enrollment/ cancellation

  • Review of course enrollment will take place by the end of the prior semester
  • Cancellation will take place no later than 1 month ahead of the day classes begin
  • Instructors and enrolled students will be notified via email at the time of cancellation

Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Director of the Institute for Music Leadership in consultation with the Eastman Office of the Registrar and/or the Eastman Office of Academic Affairs.

If you wish to repeat an ALP course and did not fail it the first time, you must get the instructor’s approval in advance to be enrolled. You will be able to repeat the course as long as registration is complete and the course has not reached its enrollment limit (or if the instructor is willing to exceed that limit to accommodate you). For students who have failed an ALP course and wish to repeat, the policies are listed here:

Undergraduate Repeating failed courses

Graduate Per the Eastman Registrar, there is no official policy for grad students on repeating courses after failure. But typically courses are only repeated if the course is required for your degree or certificate program.

Auditing course policy: The IML does not generally allow for auditing of ALC courses. Special request should be directed to the IML Assistant Director in the IML Office.