Arts Leadership Courses (ALC)

All Eastman School of Music students can take advantage of the diverse and practical Arts Leadership Curriculum course offerings. From developing audition and presenting skills, to exploring career options, to developing your own idea and project, to learning audio hardware and software, we have courses that can support you many ways.

Course Listings

We offer 1-2 credit courses in the Fall and Spring semesters. Courses are offered in either 14-week full semesters sessions OR 7-week intensives during the early-half or late-half of the semester. Although most of these courses are in-person, a handful are offered in a purely online format. To see specific days, times, and locations of course, student’s should login to UR Student.

Arts, Media, & Promotion
ALC 214B/414B
1 credit, Late semester

Learn how to write a newsworthy press release, construct a bio, assemble a press kit, create a promotional plan, work with a photographer and more.

Career Skills for the 21st Century
ALC 212/412, ONLINE
2 credits, Full semester

Discover the “nuts and bolts” of getting a job and developing skills needed for creating your career. Explore possible career options and develop a vision for your future.

Entrepreneurial Thinking
ALC 210/410 & JCM 461, ONLINE
2 credits, Full semester

Have an idea? You could be an entrepreneur – someone who creates value through a project, business, or ensemble. Come recognize the entrepreneurial potential within yourself.

Gift & Grant Seeking in the Non-Profit Arts World 
ALC 219A/419A
1 credit, Early semester

An introduction to the gift and grant income seeking process for non-profit arts organizations, this course explores the mechanisms on how to maintain mission, scope, and funding.

Introduction to Recording
ALC 220B/420B
1 credit, Late semester

Receive hands-on training with mobile audio recorders and computer audio software, cover sound wave properties, microphone technique, and post-production.

Keys to Health Music
ALC 223A/423A
1 credit, Early semester

This course helps students assess their physical well-being and implement strategies that will turn into life-long performance enhancement practices.

Leadership Issues in Music
1 credit, Early semester

Interview leaders of major orchestras, opera companies, music schools, and other musical institutions. Discover what drives trends in music and how individuals can shape these trends to ensure a healthy musical future.

Preparing Future Music Faculty
ALC 425 & MTL 504
2 credits, Full semester

For graduate students who desire to teach in a college or community music school, even on a part-time basis, this course will prepare you to teach effectively and prepare for a faculty career.

A Singer’s Guide to the Professional Journey
ALC 213/413
1 credit, Full semester

Explore the multiple facets singers must negotiate at the beginning of their professional life, including financial management, Young Artist and summer institute program information, and preparing an audition.

Strategies for Audition Success
ALC 228A/428A
1 credit, Early semester

In this class we will learn how to develop both the internal and external skills to achieve optimal audition performance.

Video Branding for the 21st Century Musician
ALC 230/430
1 credit, Full semester

Receive hands-on experience with professional video and audio equipment, editing/splicing of audio and multi-angle video, and marketing practices for content release.

Building a Web Presence
ALc 215/415
1 credit, Full semester

This course will equip each student with the necessary tools to design or expand upon a web presence that accurately reflects their personal brand as a professional musician.

Community Engagement
ALC 216/416
1 credit, Full semester

Working musicians and educators must develop dynamic concerts that engage their community and audience. Come investigate, evaluate, and develop inventive musical events.

Copyright & Licensing for Musicians
ALC 217B/417B – ONLINE
1 credit, Late semester.

Explore the history of copyright, current laws, and how it’s relevant for performers, composers, educators, and all those working in the ever-evolving music field.

Entrepreneurial Thinking
ALC 210/410 & JCM 461
2 credits, Full semester

Have an idea? You could be an entrepreneur – someone who creates value through a project, business, or ensemble. Come recognize the entrepreneurial potential within yourself.

Funding the Individual Artist
ALC 218A/418A
1 credit, Early semester

This course will teach you research techniques to find potential funding sources, how to assess prospective funders, author a funding request, and prepare a project budget.

Intermediate Recording
ALC 221A/421A
1 credit, Early semester.

Take your recording skills to the next level by using microphones for a variety of situations, learning programs such as Bias Peak, and incorporating signal processing.

Introduction to Music Therapy
ALC 222B/422B
1 credit, Late semester

This course is an introduction to both the discipline of using music as therapy and the music therapy profession.

Keys to Health Music
ALC 223A/423A
1 credit, Early semester

This course helps students assess their physical well-being and implement strategies that will turn into life-long performance enhancement practices.

Marketing in the Digital Age
ALC 224/424 – ONLINE
2 credits, Full semester

Discover effective messaging techniques, establish a cultural brand, project fundraising as a relationship tool, and leverage social media to execute a sustainable marketing plan.

Speak For Yourself
ALC 227B/427B
1 credit, Late semester

More and more, musicians are being required to provide a presentation to their audiences. Learn how to alleviate the stress of giving oral presentations in various situations.

Studio Teaching: An Essential Career Component
ALC 229A/429A
1 credit, Early Semester

Gain vital and practical insight into establishing a successful private music studio, affiliating with a university or community music school, teaching at a music store, developing relevant pre-collegiate and collegiate programs, and more.

Arts Leadership Course Policies

Courses for Non-Degree Credit

All graduate students can take Arts Leadership Curriculum courses for FREE by registering at ALC 400 level.  When registering for free, please note that these courses:

    • Will NOT count towards your degree requirements as electives, however, you will receive a grade
    • Will be counted as bringing the student to full-time status
    • MAY be counted to fulfill Certificate or Diploma program requirements


Courses for Degree Credit

Currently, there are only three courses that can be used to fulfill degree requirements, such as electives, since they are cross-listed with other departments. These courses are as follows:

  • ALC 425
    MTL 504
    Preparing Future Music Faculty
    ALC  410
    JCM 461
    Entrepreneurial Thinking (formerly Entrepreneurship in Music)
    ALC 419A
    MTL 421
    Leadership Issues in Music

    To receive credit for these courses graduate students MUST do two things. First, register for the cross-listed version (i.e. MTL 421) and second, pay the tuition charges.


Academic Policy Handbook additional links and information

The Institute for Music Leadership plans each semester’s Arts Leadership Curriculum (ALC) courses to meet the varying needs of students. In any given semester, courses are canceled for a variety of reasons, including instructor availability and low enrollment. All ALC courses are subject to cancellation as determined by the Director of the Institute for Music Leadership. Review of enrollment/ cancellation

  • Review of course enrollment will take place by the end of the prior semester
  • Cancellation will take place no later than 1 month ahead of the day classes begin
  • Instructors and enrolled students will be notified via email at the time of cancellation

Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Director of the Institute for Music Leadership in consultation with the Eastman Office of the Registrar and/or the Eastman Office of Academic Affairs.

If you wish to repeat an ALP course and did not fail it the first time, you must get the instructor’s approval in advance to be enrolled. You will be able to repeat the course as long as registration is complete and the course has not reached its enrollment limit (or if the instructor is willing to exceed that limit to accommodate you). For students who have failed an ALP course and wish to repeat, the policies are listed here:

Undergraduate Repeating failed courses

Graduate Per the Eastman Registrar, there is no official policy for grad students on repeating courses after failure. But typically courses are only repeated if the course is required for your degree or certificate program.

Auditing course policy: The IML does not generally allow for auditing of ALC courses. Special request should be directed to the IML Assistant Director in the IML Office.

Have a question about an ALC course? If so, please contact the Arts Leadership Program Director.