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Due to the coronovirus pandemic, in 2020-2021 the IML Events Requirement for ALP Certificate Students will be modified as listed below. To receive credit, after viewing your selected resource in its entirety, please complete the ALP Certificate Students IML Events Requirement Fulfillment form.

ALP certificate students are required to attend, view or listen to one live/recorded event, video or podcast per semester. (Individual Coaching sessions do not fulfill the requirement.) This must be outside of an ALP course in which you’re enrolled.

Specific requirements:
Video, podcast or live/recorded event
30-60 minutes or longer
Must be outside of an ALP course in which you’re enrolled
Content should NOT just be focused on music artistry & skills building or performance
Content SHOULD include a focus on or connection to music or the arts AND one or more of the following:
Defining individual success


Below is a listing of some potential resources to explore. You are not limited to these resources, but may use them as a starting point. If you’re unsure of whether an event/video/podcast would qualify for fulfillment, please review this with the IML Assistant Director in advance.

From time to time, we may also pass along opportunities for resources/events that also qualify.

IML Podcasts An informal way to discuss a variety of topics affecting Eastman students and alumni.
Arts in the Loop – ROC the Business of Art workshops A series of synchronous workshops to be held Sept 20 – Oct 5.  These will also be recorded and posted for asynchronous viewing and will be available until March 1. Topics include “Sharing your work in a post-COVID world,” “Authentic Community Engagement,” “Finding & Identifying Your Target Audience” and many more.
IML Events A listing of events sponsored by the IML as well as external events being promoted to the Eastman community.
 Eastman/ Univ of Rochester
2020 Gender Equity in Music Conference Listen to the Keynote Presentation from Elizabeth Rowe
UR AIN Center for Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurial Toolbox – click on Podcasts An accessible list of resources for fellow innovators, people just finding their interest in entrepreneurship, and anyone else who wishes to think outside the box
UR AIN Center for Entrepreneurship – Events Entrepreneurship events and opportunities
 And Beyond
Classically Black Podcast Come join Dalanie and Katie as they talk all things classical music and being black in the profession. New episode every Monday!
Also available on Soundcloud and other podcast platforms. Visit their facebook page “classicallyblackpodcast”
iCadenza Creative Careers Podcast Explores what it means to be a creative professional in music, the arts, business, and more
Crushing Classical An ongoing series of provocative interviews with musicians who are pioneering a new path in the classical music genre
The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz Conversations with some of the most successful musical entrepreneurs in the world provide actionable advice for anyone trying to succeed in today’s ever-changing music industry.
Manhattan School of Music Perspectives Series Engaging panels and discussions with MSM Faculty, Alumni and Students
Topics ranging from social change, employment for today’s artist, and practical tips for home recording.
Depauw University – 21CM U An ever-evolving space – a continuing-education collective of ideas, experiments and cutting-edge practices
Living the Classical Life An award-winning series of one-of-a-kind conversations with musicians from around the world.

ALP Certificate Students - IML Events Requirement Fulfillment

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