Advising sessions are required for first year certificate students. Past your first year, these sessions are optional, but strongly encouraged for all ALP students.

Fall Advising and Deadlines for Spring Courses

Advising sessions available October 9 to 23, 2019 —  Sign up here

Deadline Monday, October 28, 2019, 4 PM — Course Pre-registration forms for Spring 2020 courses are due

ALP Pre-Registration Form for Spring courses (PDF)


Spring Advising and Deadlines for Fall Courses

Advising sessions available in February and March  — Sign up here
(Special times may be requested by emailing direct and suggesting a few times you’re available to meet)

Deadline Monday, March 23, 2020, 4PM — Course Pre-registration forms for Fall 2020 courses are due

ALP Pre-Registration Form for Fall Courses (PDF)

Important Dates Spring 2020 (PDF)

(whew! there’s a lot to remember for Spring! Print this out or access the ALP Google Calendar here.)

Additional Resources to Review

Course information:


General certificate information:




About Advising Sessions

Advising sessions are for your benefit. Advising sessions are *required* for first year certificate students. Other than that, these sessions are optional, but strongly encouraged for all ALP students. The more we know about you, the better we can assist you with your individual needs.

  • Discuss and pre-register for ALP courses — As an ALP certificate candidate, you have the benefit of being registered into ALP courses before any other Eastman School of Music student. Before our session, please review the curriculum and think about what courses you may be interested in taking next semester. Please remember that there are “core” courses you will be required to take. Should you wish not to sign up for courses in an advising session, just fill out the pre-registration form and return it to the ALP office by the deadline required. Questions on courses may be directed to the IML Administrative Assistant, at or 582-274-1113.
  • Talk about internships and special opportunity grant funding — talk about completing or review your Intern Statement of Intent (due Jan 31), summer intern possibilities and/or your 3 choices for academic year internships, talk about processes for applying for academic year and/or summer internships, discuss possibilities for special opportunity grant funding for this semester, this summer or next year.
  • Review steps to take in developing professional materials — You are strongly encouraged to have a résumé or curriculum vita prepared prior to the end of the Fall semester. You will be using this to apply for an internship, audition, apply to grad school or for a job. The ESM Office of Careers and Professional Development has some resources that can help you in writing it. After you have looked at those resources and have your first draft, see information on setting up an advising session with the Careers office here. A professionally crafted résumé absolutely makes a difference.
  • Discuss future plans post-Eastman
  • Facilitate networking with other ALP or Eastman alumni