Applying for an ALP Academic Year internship? Here’s what you’ll need to know. Only students currently enrolled in the ALP Certificate Programs are eligible to apply for academic year internships.

Important Links

General Overview of the Application & Intern Selection Process

Important Dates for Spring 2022 (PDF)
Important Dates in the application and selection process for both prospective interns and supervisors.

ALP Academic Year/ Local Host Information
A listing of all the local host organizations (greater Rochester area), links to their websites, information about their organization and experience as an intern host and intern job descriptions. Also find out how what previous interns have had to say about their experiences.

Intern Panel Event (replaces the Intern Speed Dating event)

How To Apply

Academic Year Intern Application instructions (PDF) – please read me first!
Apply Now – Go to Online Application

Additional Forms
Intern contracts, evaluation forms, and more.

General Overview of the Application & Intern Selection Process

  1. The IML Assistant Director will work with the various host organizations/employers to get them to complete and submit necessary forms for them to sponsor an internship for the academic year. These will be posted to the ALP Host Information – Local web pages once received and approved.
  2. Job descriptions and host information will be made available to students via the web prior to the intern application deadline. Students will also have the opportunity to attend a Intern Panel Event (replaces the speed dating event) prior to application deadline, allowing prospective interns to meet with current interns to discuss their internships and answer any questions you may have. This event is MANDATORY for all students wishing to intern in the following academic year.
  3. Students will submit their applications online by the designated deadline. This will be prior to any interviews taking place. Students will indicate on their application their 3 choices for internship interviews. The ALP office will make every effort to match students with their choices.
  4. Host interviews/ selection process – Applicant information will be provided to the host organizations by the ALP office, and students will be notified to proceed with contacting designated host organizations to schedule interviews directly. Interviews may commence at hosts’ discretion. The intern selection process will be run the same as a real job interview, with hosts being able to offer internships at any time. There will be a target date for completion of interviews and offers. Host organizations will notify the ALP office of their final selections by the target date.

    Student note: Application procedure may require you to provide additional information to the host organization (cover letter, writing samples, etc.). See bottom of Host Application forms under “Application Procedure.” If you have not already provided these materials with your application, be prepared to provide this information to the host at the interview.

  5. Students will complete an Intern Contract (Academic Year) to be signed by themselves and their host supervisor. It is the student’s responsibility to complete this paperwork prior to their leaving for the summer, and to work with the host supervisor to set a tentative work schedule for fall. We must receive a completed Intern Contract AND the Intern Job Description Academic Year before we can award the final internship.


After academic year internships are granted:

  1. Students must read the Online Internship Guidebook for Academic Year Interns. This will be updated in the summer with calendars and dates for the fall term.
  2. An orientation session for student interns will be held in the Fall when students return. Attendance is mandatory.
  3. Summary Report – Upon completion of this internship, interns will be required to submit a brief one or two page report summarizing their work experiences. If more than one internship is involved, a separate report is required for each experience.
  4. Host supervisors will find it helpful to read the Online Internship Guidebook for Academic Year Interns, with particular attention to the Intern Supervisor Expectations.